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Know your identity

Then, tell stories.

We're drawn to people who know exactly who they are. When they share their truth for the sake of others, we listen and often attach ourselves to it. Their truth becomes our truth.

Novel helps compassionate businesses & organizations hone their identities, craft their brands, and share their truths using beautiful design and compelling content.  When your stories point people back to the heart of your brand, engagement changes and your customers become followers.


Let's find out what this looks like for you

Novel who?!

Novel is an identity, branding, and storytelling studio in Cincinnati, OH. In my core, I believe that work should be done honestly and relationships should be stewarded well. People always come before products, and compassion before services.
Empathy is the gateway to connection and I make sure you've got the keys.


I also REALLY love, a lot.




My Approach

Who you are and the unique identity of your business should really be the filter for the type of content you release into the world. It's probably going to look a little different for everybody, but here's what my approach typically looks like:

Hone your identity

Some call this "discovery", others call it a "deep dive". I call it CRUCIAL, because I calls it like I sees it. No matter what stage your business is in, you've got to be focused when it comes to who you are. You've got to be clear on your purpose, your values, your mission, and your vision for where you're going.
Everything hinges on the truth that we discover, or refine, together. 


Craft your brand

Look, I get it; "branding" is a bit of a mixed bag in the definition department. Sometimes it's a logo, other times, an entire marketing package. Some people think your customers will tell you what your brand is, and others think that's utter nonsense. The way I look at branding is that it's the representation of everything you believe as an organization. Yes, it's about your personality and the way your organization looks, but it's also about the culture you create, and how you engage with people.
Your Identity is what you believe, your brand is how you express it. 

Share your truth

Can I be brutally honest right now? This part's not really about you. It's about drawing people in to who you are, so they can adopt that truth for themselves. Your identity is for you, but your TRUTH is for everyone else.
You've got to first share your truth before anyone can be compelled to act.



Novel exists to help refine your identity, design your brand, and create compelling content.
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